Ondoliva Pomace Olive Oil 1 l Pack of 2
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Brand :Ondoliva
Name :Pomace Olive Oil
Type : Olive Oil
Quantity :1 ltr 2 Bottle
Used For : Marinating, Grilling, Oil for your Pizza, Perfect for any Mediterranean dishes, Oil substitute for your Pickles, Sautéed vegetables and frying in high temperatures.
Maximum Shelf Life :365 Days
Container Type :Plastic Bottle
Organic :No
Directions : Ideal for cooking and frying in high temperatures.
Ingredients:: Refined olive Pomace oil, Virgin Olive Oil.

Ondoliva Pomace Olive Oil is made from olive pomace oil and oils obtained directly from olives. Ideal for frying as it holds its characteristics even at high temperatures. Oil obtained by treating olive pomace with solvents other than halogenated solvents or by other physical treatments, to the exclusion of oils obtained by re-esterification processes and of any mixture with oils of other kinds.
This is a Vegetarian product.

Located in the North of Spain, nestled in the green Ebro River Valley, Navarra has enjoyed a long history of olive oil, dating from the days of the Romans. Since 1950 Ondoliva has gained a well-deserved reputation, offering an outstanding Olive Oil perfectly described by the local farmers with the use of the word “Ondo” which means “Good”.
Ondoliva Brand started out with Mr José Marín, hailing from Cascante (Navarra). Back in the day, olives were picked by hand, olive by olive, men and women standing shoulder to shoulder throughout the district in the traditional olive harvest. Once collected, olives were taken to the presses where they were ground in grass baskets creating pressure to obtain the precious oil. The oil was kept in clay jars and later bottled and taken round the houses.
60 years later, Ondoliva remains true to our original values that have helped us to reach this point, maintaining a TOP QUALITY product, without losing the sense of tradition from our origins and respect for the land and the environment.
ONDOLIVA Factory is located in Tudela, in the URZANTE region. An extremely fertile area recognized as being one of best vegetables growing areas in Spain, located between the Ebro river valley and the Natural National Park of Moncayo. Thanks to this privileged location our olive fields are watered every year by the Moncayo snowmelt, one of the purest waters in the world.
In Ondoliva Olive Oils we really treat our consumers seriously and with respect. We are proud to say that our Olive Oils are always guaranteed to be 100% ORIGIN SPAIN. No confusion, no trick.
• Made and Packed in Spain. 100% Spain Origin.
• New Extendible Top: Gives optimum dispensing without dripping down the bottle.
• Safety Seal: Secures the entire freshness and quality of our product.
• UVI Protection Packaging: Prevents rays of light from damaging certain qualities in the oil.

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